Well Gym and fitness health clubs have become a new area of meeting new people. It is now being used as second dating destination where you cool handsome hunk can find some sexy fitness girls who has hot bodies and sexy physique. But I don’t understand so much of money on gym if you want to achieve all these stupid things. You can easily choose some other ways like going to night clubs, pubs & bars. Lots of hot women or sexy girls come to gym with heavy loads of make up and in spandex trousers that is fit tight stretched hot pants so that it will look very nice toned body and it will get man drooling over me.

I think also from other perspective that there are some hot girls or sexy fitness babes apply make up or dress in that manner because they feel they are in social environment and are the centre of attraction. Actually these also make environment confusing means there are really hot man who come to gym for body building but are distracted by these sexy fitness babes. They loose their concenteration and focus over workout and sometimes skip the exercises.

Really we often think why women many not go to gym or we always make fun of it. But there are real hard core fitness girls in many parts of the world. I had seen lot of fitness babes who are body & health conscious so that is the reason they go to gym and do serious workout. They are very hard working while doing exercises & working out these all they do keep their body in proper shape. They also other activities like playing sports. They also feel more strong, stress free and more energetic.

In last decade there were lots of awareness programmes and camps were promoting health and fitness therapies. Due to that lots of people had started going to gym on a continued basis these has helped them in various ways like getting more sleep, increase in concentration, better memory and lots of married couples had shared that their sex life had also become much more better.